Midwestern man survives being struck by lightning for the second time

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CHEBANSE, Ill.– An Illinois man survived a lightning strike over the weekend, but what makes it unique is that it was the second time he had been stuck by lightning, according to ABC 7.

Rod Wolfe said he was outside Sunday when lightning hit a nearby tree. The bolt jumped to his body and broke his ribs.

“We were preparing for a house and garden walk on Sunday, and it started raining pretty hard,” Wolfe said. “I came over to fix a downspout, and when I was fixing the downspout I got up and I walked about four feet and I didn’t hear the blast.  I didn’t see the blast.”

Wolfe’s last encounter with lightning happened in 1997. He had been working in a cemetery at the time when lightning hit a tree and then hit him.

Wolfe says he’s been quite lucky. His experiences have even landed him the nickname “Lightning Rod.”



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