Minor problems at polls, but voters and workers quickly adjust

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Some Jackson County voters were frustrated Tuesday morning when they went to vote at their polling place at 59th and Harrison, but the ballot scanners weren't working properly.

In one instance a cable was apparently disconnected from a machine and in another, the scanner was having difficulty accepting the ballots, requiring multiple times to feed the paper.

It's not what people hoping to cast their vote and move on with their day, want to encounter.

"We are finding all our machines are working fine," said Shawn Kieffer, Kansas City Election Board director. "You just have to run the ballot through a couple times to get it to go."

Kansas City was not alone in this problem. The Director of the Jackson County Election Board says more than a dozen of its 181 polling places had the same issue.

"Voters can still vote. If it doesn't scan their ballot they put it in an envelope and it's put into another slot and those ballots are read later on," said Robert Nichols, Jackson County Election Board director.

One supervisory election judge who has worked the polls for four years says she noticed a problem early Tuesday morning. She picked up the phone to have the machine replaced.

"It was early morning they were on their way to work and they allotted time and when they had to wait in line they were very patient with the whole thing," said Connie Alcanter, election poll worker.

Alcanter says they ended up using paper ballots until the scanner was replaced.

Polls are open until 7:00 p.m.



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