Homeward bound: Missing dog found 20 months later after surviving in national forest

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FORESTHILL, Calif. – A dog who had gone missing for an astounding 20 months, is finally reunited with her owners.

According to FOX 4’s sister station FOX 40 in Sacramento, a five-year-old golden retriever, Murphy, had gone missing in October of 2012 in the Tahoe National Forest, and after days of unsuccessful searching, her owners started a Facebook page dedicated to finding her.

This past weekend, Janice Walkins and her family were camping less than five miles from where Murphy had gone missing over a year-and-a-half ago. That’s when the weary dog decided to pay them a visit.

“The dog actually came over and met our dog,” Janice’s husband, Russ Watkins told KTXL about his border collie, Trip.

Eventually the family was able to get a leash on Murphy, who said after keeping her tail tucked for the majority of the time began to wag it.

On Father’s Day, Murphy was finally reunited with her owners after 20 long months. Erin Rotondi Braun posted a photo his dog with a detailed caption celebrating her remarkable return.

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