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BENTON COUNTY, Ark. — The bodies of a Kansas City father and son were recovered in an Arkansas lake on Sunday.

Chuck and Charley Morris went kayaking on a spring break trip near Fayetteville, Arkansas and were reported missing in the area of S. Lost Bridge of Beaver Lake on March 16.

The Benton County released a state on social media:

“Major Kenneth Paul led the search efforts utilizing many resources from across the nation and organized the daily operations of these efforts. Yesterday, efforts were combined with Carroll County MDS and Christian Aid Ministries Search and Rescue Team (CAM SAR) out of Tennessee. They were able to utilize their Underwater ROV in a challenging environment that exceeded depths of 180’.”

“After 24 days of recovery efforts, the bodies of both Charles Morris IV (Chuck-Father) and Charles Morris V (Charley-son) have been recovered thanks to the technology and efforts by all personnel.

“Sheriff Holloway, along with the family of Chuck and Charley, would like to thank all the men and women who donated their time and efforts to help bring closure to the family and recover the two missing men.”

Chuck was in a band called Lotus and had just finished a five-week tour before the trip. Charley was a college student in Ohio.

To help support the family of Chuck and Charley, you can donate here.