KANSAS CITY, Kan. — The search continues for a 21-year-old Kansas City, Kansas, suspect who was released from the Platte County Jail by mistake last Thursday.

Jae’veon Marquice Mitchell-Locke was arrested and charged after a shootout with KCK police who were targeting a fentanyl ring. Three police officers were injured in that shooting April 5.

U.S. Marshals are on the search, but authorities aren’t giving any indication if they think Mitchell-Locke is still in the area or has made it beyond Missouri and Kansas.

It’s a scary situation for people who witnessed that original shootout in KCK.

Norma Garcia said she had a hole in her window from a bullet. She and her son Carlos showed FOX4 the window at their business, broken by gunfire.

Three weeks ago, Kansas City, Kansas, police shut down the stretch of 18th near Wood Avenue. Three suspects were shot as well as the three officers.

“This whole street was closed, and then ambulances and it was cops and all that,” Carlos Garcia said. “And the gunshots wouldn’t stop. And then we saw that and we were scared he would get hurt so we were just following instructions.”

They were upset to hear that Mitchell-Locke isn’t in custody.

Platte County authorities released the 21-year-old after receiving him from the Jackson County Jail. He had misdemeanor warrants in Platte County, but it’s still unclear why he was taken there over Wyandotte County, the home of the more serious charges.

“An error did happen. We have procedures in place prior to this to prevent this type of thing from happening,” Erik Holland, spokesperson for the Platte County Sheriff’s Office, said Friday. “We are doing a thorough look-through as to why those procedures did not prevent this release.”

People who live in the area are unhappy that Mitchell-Locke is still on the run.

“Yeah, because especially for me, I work in the mornings. I leave technically in the middle of the night to go to work,” Carlos Garcia said when asked if it’s scary wondering if the suspect could come back to the neighborhood.

“So imagine I’m just warming up my car or something and I’m coming out of the building, and this guy is just hanging out around here. If he didn’t have any concern to injure a policeman, why not me? It’s not going to make any difference or matter now.”

FOX4 also reached out to the Kansas City, Kansas, Police Department on this. A spokesperson reiterated a statement they put out last week, saying Mitchell-Locke should be considered armed and dangerous and any person who sees him should immediately call 911.