Missing Paperwork Means Tax Problems for Tax-Exempt Groups

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TOPEKA, Kan. – Some non-profit and previously tax-exempt groups in Kansas may be in for a surprise at tax time after nearly 4,000 organizations across the state failed to file the paperwork necessary to keep their tax-exempt status with the IRS.

According a report in the Topeka Capital-Journal, tax-exempt organizations – excluding churches and some church-related organizations – are required to file IRS Form 990 to keep their tax-exempt status, which they lose if they fail to file the form for three consecutive years.

Because the rule came into effect in 2007, ast year was the first time that the form became an issue, and many groups affected by the rules reapplied and had their status restored for as little as a $100 filing fee.

The organizations who have lost their tax-exempt status this year include 71 Lions Club chapters and 32 PTA groups across the state, the Capital-Journal reports.

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