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MISSION, Kan. — Police in Mission are using a new tool to track crime. The Mission Crime Map lets residents search for crime statistics in their area. 

Mission Police Chief Dan Madden said the new map was created through a partnership with the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office and the Johnson County Automated Information Mapping System (AIMS) Department.

Residents can filter information by date, location and the type of crime.

“Most agencies in the county are on the same report writing system. That allows the county interphases, with the AIMS folks, to integrate some of our data into a map that produces a more visual format than just reading the traditional police blotter,” Madden said.

The map uses colorful dots and shapes to indicate different types of crimes.

The map uses colorful dots to denote crimes against people, property and the community. The map also offers information on traffic crashes and registered sex offenders living in the city. 

Crime information is updated daily. When users open up the program, the map defaults to show recent crime within a 30 day window. Residents can filter information by date, location and the type of crime.

Madden said the interactive map has information from the last two years uploaded in the system. 

Madden said the map is a great tool for public transparency, but can also be used to help officers become more effective in preventing crime. 

“[We’re] trying to make data work for us at this point; trying to really take a look at data to make those decisions about where we deploy our resources,” Madden said. “It’s important that if we have an area that is experiencing high crime that we address it. I think this gives us that visual cue to take action. To come up with a plan on how to reduce crime in an area.”