MISSION, Kan. — Liz Robison has spoiled and loved her four-legged friend Maybel for the last 10 years. She says her Boston Terrier is like her child.

“She’s my family. She’s the love of my life. She’s my world,” Robison said.

But this week, her world was turned upside down. On Monday, Robison said she quickly went in to Hy-Vee in Mission to drop off prescriptions. She left her car running with Maybel inside.

“Big regret I have, I left her in the car with the windows up. It was hot, the AC on, I knew I’d be in there very quickly in and out. And when I came back out, the car was gone,” she said.

Mission police said the vehicle was recovered in Kansas City, Missouri, but Maybel wasn’t there. Police released a photo of the man who took the car with Maybel inside.

They say a felony warrant has been issued through Johnson County in relation to the stolen vehicle and dog.

Robison says since police posted Maybel’s picture she’s had an overwhelming amount of people wanting to help find her dog.

“Seeing the support every day as soon as I start going down that rabbit hole of feeling like I’m never going to see her again,” she said.

“I jump on social media and see how many leads and how many people are responding so positively. We’re going to find her and and that helps me mentally.”

She’s also been canvassing and putting up flyers in both Kansas and Missouri neighborhoods. Plus, there’s a reward for $1,000 to whomever finds her.

As hard as it is, Robison says she keeping the faith she’ll be reunited with Maybel.

“I just want her to come home. And it’s just been so empty the past week without her,” she said.

If you have any information about this incident, you are asked to contact the police department immediately. You can reach Detective Smith with Mission police by calling (913) 676-8310 or email: dsmith@missionks.org. Reference case 22-001823.

If you catch Maybel, you’re asked to drop her off at your nearest vet or animal shelter. Or you can reach out to Glenn at (913) 226-0656.