MISSION, Kan. — This fall voters in Mission will decide if they want to continue to pay a special sales tax to support the city’s Parks and Recreation Department. 

Wednesday, the Mission City Council voted 7-1 to approve a resolution calling for a mail-in election on Sept. 20 to renew the 3/8-cent parks and recreation sales tax.

Councilmember Ken Davis voted against the proposal, stating he would prefer a different amount. 

“I believe that we should have a level aggregate sales tax. What this would do is actually increase the aggregate sales tax from what it was before. I would recommend a quarter percent sales tax,” Davis said. 

In 2012, voters approved a 3/8-cent retail sales tax to support parks and recreational facilities. The tax has generated approximately $7.79 million in revenue so far and is anticipated to bring in an additional  $1.26 million before it expires in March. 

According to city documents, the money has been used for projects like the replacement of the Mission Family Aquatic Center and to support maintenance repairs at the Powell Community Center. 

If approved by voters the sales tax would go into effect on April 1 and expire in March of 2033.