KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Missouri State Auditor Scott Fitzpatrick said Friday his office plans to investigate complaints about Jackson County property assessments.

In a letter to Jackson County Executive Frank White, Fitzpatrick said his office’s whistleblower hotline has recently received multiple complaints from property owners with significantly higher assessments.

The state auditor said he’s also heard concerns that property owners who couldn’t get through the phone line to file an appeal with the Jackson County Assessor’s Office.

Fitzpatrick said other complained if they did get an informal appeal, Texas-based software company Tyler Technology is making decisions they might not be qualified to make.

The state auditor’s office is asking White to provide a list of documentation by Aug. 18 to assist with its investigation.

Among those documents, Fitzpatrick is requesting information on assessed values, appeals filed, cost analysis of outsourcing assessment services, bids received and more.