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ST. JOSEPH, Mo. – A bar is facing public scrutiny after offering a Michael Brown shot special Friday night.

Mug Shots, a bar that goes by the slogan “where sarcasm is always free,” offered the special of six shots for $10. A picture of the sign advertising the deal surfaced on social media Saturday, causing controversy on the bar’s Facebook page. Now, the owner is apologizing to the public and has stopped offering the Michael Brown shot deal.

The bar’s co-owner did not want to be identified to protect him and his family.

“It’s not meant to cause any harm,” he told FOX 4 on Saturday. “I should have thought a little bit more about it before I made it a shot special.”

The owner claims other bars in St. Joseph are also offering Michael Brown shot specials, and says he stole the idea from them.

“It looked like it was getting a good response so I just decided to use it here,” he said. “That’s what bar owners do if they find something works at another bar they try to use it at their bar.”

A few protesters held signs and chanted outside the bar Saturday night. Brian Kline, with the St. Joseph Anonymous group, was going to protest but instead reached out to the owner to express his frustration.

“We’re not out here to burn anything down or anything like that, but you know, we talked it out,” Kline said.

Saturday night the bar owner offered a new shot special poking fun at himself.