MENDON, Mo. — Monday evening brought a chance to decompress for passengers of an Amtrack train that derailed in central Missouri, killing three people and injuring dozens of others.

Volunteers from the Mendon, Missouri community, as well as the Red Cross, greeted the uninjured passengers at Northwestern High School, providing food, water and shelter as they waited for what’s next.

“I’m just really fortunate to be here right now,” said one passenger.

Lauryn Luangsomkham had recently boarded the train in Kansas City, where she was seeing a friend.

“I was actually kind of stuck between the cars at first because you have to press two buttons in order for doors to open so I almost got stuck in there and honestly if I was still stuck in that spot I probably wouldn’t be here,” she said.

Al and Diane Couture of New Hampshire were on a 40th wedding anniversary trip to the Grand Canyon. This is where the couple ended up, sitting on the side of the train after a harrowing and deadly experience.

“All the sudden the whole train went all on its side. We were on the right hand side, the people on the left flew across and the windows on our side became the floor,” Diane Couture said. “There was two gentlemen who stepped up and made stacked the cushions and crates on top of each other knocked a window out and pulled us up to the top of the train.”

Tragic news to other families Monday with officials telling FOX4 three people died in the derailment and more than 50 people were hurt.

“I just really hope that everyone who was air lifted and not as fortunate as I am is just OK.”