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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Missouri Department of Revenue confirms to FOX4 it has offered help to Kansas City Police with its crash investigation focused on former Chiefs assistant coach Britt Reid.

The issue, the fact that the truck Reid drove the night of the crash was not his but belonged to a metro dealership.

Investigators are looking at every detail, and when it comes to crashes in Jackson County it could take months to see charges if they are warranted. Stan Oglesby is a former state trooper and has been investigating crashes for decades. He’s a partner with Accident Reconstruction Services

“That takes time. So, I can assure you, they’re not going to rush through it, because that’s how mistakes are made. If they’re contemplating criminal charges, that crash scene will now become a crime scene, and those vehicles will be treated as such. In other words, they’re going to protect the evidence, they’re going to collect all this data,” Oglesby said.

The truck Reid was driving is registered to Airport Chrysler Dodge in Platte City. For days, FOX4 reached out trying to get in touch with the dealership’s General Manager, Jeff Bethel to ask for clarification. Bethel has not returned numerous calls or emails. FOX4 stopped by the dealership and were told he was not in.

According to the State of Missouri’s Dealer Operating Manual, for someone to drive a vehicle registered to a dealership they would need to have a written agreement with the dealership. It’s unclear what kind of contract, if any, Reid had with the dealership.

A representative with the Chiefs did not comment on if the team had a business agreement with Airport Chrysler Dodge, but leaned on a previous statement addressing the incident in general.

KCPD is thankful for the DOR’s officer but says they will have access to any information they could provide through their own channels of investigation. 

Meanwhile, according to the family’s Gofundme, 5-year-old Ariel Young remains in a coma fighting to recover.

FOX4 reached out to the NFL about the incident and asked if Britt Reid is longer under contract with the team, will impact their internal investigation. A representative for the league responded, “no.”