KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Thousands of marijuana products sold at dispensaries across Missouri are being recalled because the products were improperly tracked by the state.

The Missouri Division of Cannabis Regulation (DCR) has issued a product recall for more than 60,000 products sold to dispensaries and manufacturers by Delta Extraction LLC. 

According to DCR, the products were not properly placed in the statewide Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting and Compliance  (METRC) system. The METRC system ensures the product comes from marijuana grown in Missouri, or that the product passed required testing before being sold at dispensaries.

The recalled products include a variety of edibles, vape cartridges and pre-roll marijuana flower products. You can find a full list of recalled products on the DHSS website.

So far, DCR officials say no adverse reactions from the recalled product have been reported. 

Customers who have purchased any of the recalled products should discontinue use. All unused products should be discarded or returned to the dispensary where it was purchased. 

DCR officials said the returned products will not count toward a patient’s purchase limit. 

Anyone who believes they are experiencing adverse reactions to the recalled product should seek out medical attention and report their symptoms by emailing CannabisComplaints@health.mo.gov or submitting this complaint form to DCR.