Missouri ethanol plant producing alcohol for 50,000 gallons of hand sanitizer

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CARROLTON, Mo. — As the coronavirus pandemic continues and demands for hand sanitizer run high, a Missouri ethanol plant has changed its operations to supply cities with a crucial part of the much-needed mixture.

Show Me Ethanol’s general manager, Brian Pasbrig, told FOX4 that the plant will have pumped out 40,000 gallons of specialized alcohol fit for hand sanitizer by the end of the week.

It’s a “grain-based natural alcohol,” Pasbrig said. “Natural fermentation. Lot’s of people would call it vodka… it’s a lot stronger.”

Since the sanitizer mixture calls for 80 percent alcohol, his shipments will be converted into roughly 50,000 gallons of sanitizer. He said his ethonal plant is a good go-to for making more sanitizer because they don’t need to make a lot of changes from what they already produce for fuel.

Instead of mixing the alcohol with gasoline, they mix it with a chemical to cut down on odor. Elsewhere, the alcohol is combined with water, glycerin and hydrogen peroxide, based on a recipe from the CDC.

The plant has already blended its own santizier and distributed it in the Carrolton community, which is about 70 miles northeast of Kansas City.

While Pasbrig said most KC distilleries he has talked to already had a supply chain, the plant is distributing its alcohol to other places in Columbia, Branson and St. Louis.

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