Missouri gives back $600,000 in unclaimed money to people who filed for unemployment


JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. — It’s not a scam, even if it may sound like one. Missouri State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick said, believe it or not, that can be one of the most difficult challenges his office faces, while trying to return unclaimed property.

“One of the most difficult things with unclaimed property is getting people to understand or believe that it’s real,” Fitzpatrick said. “Some people might think it’s a scam.”

The state cross-referenced the names of people who have filed for unemployment claims with the state database of unclaimed property. The results are somewhat staggering.

In just one month, the initiative returned $593,174 to just under 4,000 people. The largest payment was over $36,000.

“We’ve already had a St. Louis person that I think, last week, we returned $36,000 to,” Fitzpatrick said. “So this was somebody who was having a tough time, was on unemployment, and now has $36,000 they didn’t know they had.”

You can check to see if you have unclaimed money at www.ShowMeMoney.com .

One in ten Missourians has unclaimed property, and the average return is $300.

Fitzpatrick says, all told, the state still holds over $1 billion in unclaimed property.

“I would say the things that most often causes unclaimed property are a change of address, somebody passing away, or a change of a job.”


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