Missouri Highway Patrol and National Guard arrives in Kansas City to aid police during protests


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Missouri Highway Patrol officers and National Guardsmen have arrived to supplement the police force working to control protesters at the Plaza on May 30.

“We’ve brought in more officers,” Capt. David Jackson said. “This has just been disappointing. This was declared unlawful some time ago.”

Capt. Jackson said hundreds of protesters filled the streets today, stopping traffic and causing disruptions. He said most of the protests have been peaceful, but some people have resorted to lighting off fireworks and damaging property.

Striking video posted to FOX4’s Facebook page shows J.C. Nichols fountain in the Plaza shrouded in gas during sunset.

“Damage to property, we’re not going to tolerate it in this part of the city, we’re not going to tolerate it in any part of the city,” Lucas said. “No, I’m not happy to see gas deployed, I’m not happy to see bottles thrown.”

Capt. Jackson said so far, 10 people have been injured, but none of the injuries have been serious.

“We know that some of these people are not from Kansas City, Missouri,” Capt. David Jackson said.

“I don’t think that you can say it was unpeaceful today,” Lucas said. “A lot of people just want to feel like they can be heard.”

Gov. Mike Parson declared a State of Emergency due to the civil unrest in the state. It enables the Missouri Highway Patrol and the National Guard to assist local police.

“Violence and destruction are not the answers,” Governor Mike Parson said in a statement. “I support those who are calling for justice and peace. However, a small element has seized on these peaceful demonstrations to commit violent acts that endanger the lives of citizens and bring destruction to our communities.

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