BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. — According to Missouri State Highway Patrol, a trooper’s vehicle was shot at Saturday evening.

The incident occurred near I-70 and Adams Dairy Parkway when a trooper was pursuing a pickup truck for a traffic violation and the suspect shot at him.

“It’s scary it’s horrible that you just can’t do your job anymore – if you’re law enforcement and you’re going to pull someone over you should be able to just pull somebody over handed the situation and go on about your Mary little way you shouldn’t have to worry about being shot at” says Karen Libeer, who works in the area.

Thankfully that trooper wasn’t hurt, MSHP says at least two people were in the car with the shots coming from the passenger side of the truck.

“It’s scary, it’s scary, I train my kids all the time be aware of your surroundings, everywhere you go you need to pay attention, look around and pay attention all the time,” Libeer said.

In a statement TO FOX4 MSHP says: 

“This is terrible. Any act of violence especially gun violence is unacceptable. The dangers of a trooper’s job are very real. We rely on our training and experience to maintain officer safety.”

They also tell us the car was abandoned at a hotel and as of now they have zero identification for the suspects.

 If you have any information that can help law enforcement track down the person or persons responsible for this, you’re asked to contact the Missouri State Highway Patrol 

FOX4 will keep you updated on this situation as more details come along.