Suspect in custody after shooting police officer, bus driver, Missouri Highway Patrol says


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Multiple officers and agencies responded to an officer-involved shooting on Thursday morning in the area of Independence and Hardesty after a suspect shot both a police officer and a bus driver.

Officers first learned of a person who robbed another person at a bus stop, Sgt. Bill Lowe with the Missouri Highway patrol said in a news briefing. The suspect then got on a KCATA bus.

The bus driver noticed the robbery suspect on the vehicle, Lowe said, and attempted to drive slowly to allow police time to get to the bus.

A KCPD officer then “attempted to get onto the bus from the back side of the bus, from the back entrance, at which time the suspect shot the Kansas City police officer,” Lowe said.

The suspect then turned and shot the bus driver before exiting the bus. Police outside the bus then shot the suspect.

The suspect was critically injured and taken into custody.

The officer that was shot is an 18-year veteran, Sgt. Lowe said. Both he and the bus driver sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

Kansas City police say the Missouri Highway Patrol will take over the investigation.



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