Missouri House Democrats criticize plan to borrow for roads

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — A top Democratic budgeter says Republican Gov. Mike Parson’s plan to borrow $350 million to repair bridges across the state is a non-starter.

Rep. Kip Kendrick on Monday told reporters that House Democrats generally oppose using un-earmarked general revenue to fund infrastructure.

Under Parson’s plan , the state would repay the loan with general revenue over 15 years.

House Democrats have limited power to block bills in Missouri’s Republican-led Legislature. But their opposition to Parson’s plan is notable because it comes as other factions of lawmakers are moving away from that proposal.

Kendrick says lawmakers should consider long-term funding sources, such as asking voters again to increase the gas tax.

Parson’s spokesman Steele Shippy says voters already shot that down. A proposed 10-cent gas tax increase failed in November.



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