Missouri House Democrats file resolution urging Sen. Hawley to resign after Capitol riot


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Missouri House Democrats have filed Concurrent Resolution 10 to urge U.S. Senator Josh Hawley to resign. They say that he played a leading role to incite last week’s riot at the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C.

Sen. Hawley is facing criticism in the wake of the insurrection and rioting at the Capitol. He was the first senator to object to Joe Biden’s Electoral College win. Many other Republican lawmakers then followed suit with more objections.

Hawley acknowledged the Capitol protesters with his fist in the air last week. The photo of the acknowledgment was taken before protesters stormed the Capitol.

“There must be accountability for this dangerous behavior that the junior senator from Missouri continues to exhibit,” writes Democratic State Representative Peter Merideth of St. Louis. “He knows he is lying and he knows those lies are dangerous. America deserves better. Missourians deserve better.”

Critics say Hawley’s actions helped fuel the emotions and beliefs of people that converged on the Capitol, convinced that somehow the election was stolen from President Trump.

Pundits and others are saying that Hawley may have done this as part of his own future political aspirations including a potential presidential run in 2024.

“Josh Hawley’s disdain for democracy created the conditions that resulted in the deaths of a Capitol police officer and at least four others,” writes Democratic House Minority Leader Crystal Quade of Springfield. “Nearly a week later, Hawley has spent more time complaining about the cancellation of his book deal than he has lamenting this needless loss of life. A person such as this has no business serving in the U.S. Senate.”

A temporary replacement would be appointed by Republican Missouri Governor Mike Parson if Sen. Hawley resigned. That appears to be unlikely.

Hawley responded to the resolution Tuesday saying “I will never apologize for giving voice to the millions of Missourians and Americans who have concerns about the integrity of our elections.”



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