Missouri House preliminarily approves daylight saving time legislation


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Lawmakers in the Missouri House have given preliminary approval to stop the time changes every spring and fall.

Supporters of the bill said science proves it is hard for people to readjust to the time changes so lawmakers have proposed for the State of Missouri to join at least 23 other states in this legislation.

The Missouri House preliminarily approved House Bill 848 to stop time changes. The bill would also have daylight saving time be the time year-round. Illinois introduced similar legislation this year.

The Post-Dispatch said Rep. Rasheen Aldridge of St. Louis, questioned how it would affect school kids who would have to wake up in the dark during the winter months. Daylight saving time makes it stay dark later into the morning, meaning children could end up waiting at bus stops in the dark.

Similar legislation has been introduced in the past but it has never gone to the governors desk.

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