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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Lawmakers in Jefferson City continue to debate if abortion services, facilities, and contraception, like Plan B, should be covered under Medicaid.

There was no compromise in sight during day two of special session at the Missouri Capitol.

Governor Mike Parson said they must renew the Federal Reimbursement Allowance Tax (FRA) by July 1, which funds the state’s Medicaid program, or face several budget cuts.

Senators spent hours in a committee meeting listening to testimony.

Missouri Right to Life wants stronger pro-life language. Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood wants to protect its healthcare facilities and centers from being excluded from Medicaid funding.

“Look, I believe our governor is so-called pro-life, but I believe the so-called experts in the department of social services are giving him bad advice; maybe some hospital lobbyists are doing the same thing,” said Senator Bob Onder (R-St. Louis).

While some lawmakers want a clean FRA, others want to include restrictions.