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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Missouri legislator is hoping to change a controversial scrap metal law. Earlier this month, FOX4 told you about a local woman who took her car to a repair shop, and the shop closed while it had her car.

The vehicle was taken to scrap yard and shredded before she could stop it. Under current Missouri law, cars more than 10 years old can be sold for scrap without proof of ownership.

A state lawmaker from the St. Louis area is working on a bill that may eliminate the 10-year rule. He says ideally, scrap yards would keep track of every car’s vehicle identification number when it comes in and produce a certificate showing when it’s been recycled.

“It’d be nice to see this law changed to the fact it benefits everyone as it was intended to, not necessarily benefit the people who are stealing cars and recycling them,” said Rep. Bryan Spencer (R) Missouri District 63.

Representative Spencer says there have been cases where police have gone looking for cars used in a crime to get evidence and the vehicles have already been scrapped. So he’d also like scrap yards to wait 72-hours before recycling vehicles to give both owners and law enforcement an opportunity to find the car before it’s destroyed.