Missouri man arrested for armed robbery while reportedly wearing underwear as a mask

Shawn McCormick pictures

Pictures of Shawn McCormick from Moberly Police Department (left) and Missouri Department of Corrections.

MOBERLY, Mo. — A man has been charged after robbing a gas station while reportedly wearing underwear on his head as a mask.

Randolph County prosecutors charged 26-year-old Shawn McCormick with first-degree robbery and armed criminal action, KQ2 reported.

Police initially sent out a statement on Facebook asking for help identifying the robber. Picture show who police now believe to be McCormick holding a gun at the counter of Bratcher’s Fuel on Dec. 7 with a gray cloth mask over his head. His car was recorded on surveillance camera at 5:53 p.m.

According to reporting by KQ2, that mask was underwear.

McCormick was arrested Monday, Dec. 9.



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