Missouri man tries to burn moles out of his yard, ends up burning neighbor’s house

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RIVERVIEW, Mo. — A man from Riverview, Mo., on the east side of the state set his neighbor’s house on fire while he was trying to get rid of moles.

The man hoped a contained grass fire would drive out the moles burrowed underground, but the fire spread to the side of Mark Huey’s house.

I was in the basement working on some music and I had it kind of loud but I heard a banging on the door,” said Huey.

When Huey answered the door he saw that most of the front of his house was on fire.

We just tried to keep going with the buckets until the fire department came and by the time the fire department came… this,” said Huey. “We have a mole infestation problem and he was trying to burn up moles and it got away from him.”

Huey’s wife was at the hospital at the time getting her first chemo treatment, so he is glad she was not home at the time and that his neighbor’s brother stopped to bang on his door.

“Could have been a whole lot worse. Nothing inside is damaged. The exterior of the house is a mess but I’m safe and my wife is safe and God is in control,” Huey said.

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