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KANSAS CITY, Mo. –  Some local national guardsmen and their families are the lucky few who will get to meet first lady Michelle Obama on Monday.  The special opportunity is making some soldiers to gear up for more than just drills this weekend.

“I just got the phone call, they said the secret service needs to know if you guys are cool with this and so we gave them our information and they came back and said ‘Yes, we want you to go there and meet with her,'” said civil affairs sergeant Damon Eyerly.

A national guardsmen spokesperson said nine guardsmen and their families will be the first to greet Michelle Obama when she steps off the plane at Kansas City International airport.  Sergeant Keana Johnson is taking her two kids.

“My daughter is very excited, she’s still trying to figure out what to wear. My son his first question was, ‘Do we get to meet the president too?'” Johnson said.

The answer to that, is no.  The answer to what some soldiers are going to say to the president’s wife, is not sure.

“You kind of want to say something that makes some sort of an impact, and I still have not come up with it yet,” said Eyerly.

Staff sergeant Andrew Schueller knows what he’ll say.  He said he’ll thank Mrs. Obama for her support of military families.

“It’s a terrific opportunity for us to be able to meet our commander-in-chief’s wife, and being able to shake her hand and thanking her for the support, so it’s a big deal,” said Schueller.

While the first lady is here, she will attend a private fundraising luncheon for the Democratic National Committee.  She will also make a stop in St. Louis.