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BRANSON, Mo. — Family and friends of a missing man are receiving more answers Monday after the identification of human remains.

David Koenig’s remains were found last week on Fall Creek Road in Branson. Police initiated a missing person investigation back in March 2020.

Officials said a man looking for deer antlers in the area found the human remains.

David’s mom, Tracy Koenig, tells KOLR their family was heartbroken getting the news.

“My son was an incredible person,” Tracy said. “Literally larger than life. Not just physically, but in everything about him. He was a big, beautiful, gentle giant with a heart of gold.”

Tracy said her family would like to thank the community for all of their support and love.

“We appreciate them giving us some time and space at this time to heal quietly as a family,” she said.

Those with Missouri Missing, an organization dedicated to supporting the families of the missing across the state, said they have kept up with David’s case.

“I think David’s mom Tracy was doing an amazing job,” said Maureen Reintjes, executive director of communications for Missouri Missing.

“She was doing everything we want to see the family do. Reaching out to media, getting searches organized, getting the public aware of the case. She did excellent.”

Reintjes said in any missing person case, even when the person is found, it doesn’t mean there is complete closure.

“They have an answer now, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have questions,” said Reintjes. “That doesn’t mean that they aren’t changed forever. Their lives never go back to the way it was before.”

She said it’s important to keep searching for someone even if they’re missing for an extended period.

A forensic pathologist determined there was no trauma and the death was not the result of foul play.