GREENWOOD, Mo. — A former Kansas City-area police chief, once hailed for a heroic rescue, has now been sentenced to prison Friday for assaulting his ex-wife.

Former Greenwood, Missouri, police chief Greg Hallgrimson made headlines in 2018 when he and fellow officers helped rescue a 6-month-old baby from an icy pond.

Police said the child’s father tried to drown the girl, walked into the police station and confessed. Officers rushed to the scene to rescued the baby, and she miraculously survived.

But shortly after, Hallgrimson was placed on administrative leave and later resigned, and the FBI and highway patrol began investigating.

A grand jury indicted him in 2019, accusing him of assaulting that father at the police station after he was arrested. Court documents say the man was handcuffed when Hallgrimson threw him over a chair and beat him.

Hallgrimson pleaded guilty in 2021 but avoided prison when a judge sentenced him to five years probation.

A judge sentenced the Greenwood father who tried to drown his daughter to 15 years in prison.

But while Hallgrimson’s case was playing out, his ex-wife said the former police chief punched her in the face, causing her to lose consciousness.

The incident happened in 2020, but the woman didn’t report the case until 2021.

A jury found Hallgrimson guilty of first-degree assault in August. On Friday, a Clay County judge sentenced him to 18 years in a Missouri prison.

Clay County Prosecutor Zachary Thompson released the following statement after the sentencing:

“The court has sent an unmistakable message today that victims of domestic abuse will be heard and supported in Clay County. Despite every attempt by the defendant to manipulate and pressure this victim, she spoke the truth. We hope that her courage will inspire other victims of domestic abuse to know that they are not alone.

“Our office will always advocate for victims and fight to bring them justice. We thank the judge for making the right decision today and demonstrating that the criminal justice system will hold perpetrators accountable without fear or favor.”