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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — By the end of Wednesday, Missouri Gov. Mike Parson will have signed 13 more pieces of legislation into law from the 2021 legislative session, according to the governor’s office.

The signings include legislation requiring background checks at boarding schools, police reform, creating Empowerment Scholarship Accounts and more.

Here’s a breakdown of the 13 final bills he signed into law:

Senate Bill 26:

  • This bill would charge protesters for blocking a public street or highway.
  • It also increases the penalties for those who endanger first responders from responding to a call.
  • The measure adds a “bill of rights” for law enforcement by protecting officers who are under investigation. It would allow them to be notified of the alleged violation and who would be conducting the investigation.

Senate Bill 49:

  • It established new watercraft and waterway regulations and eliminated safety inspections for new vehicles.

Senate Bill 53:

  • The bill banned law enforcement from using chokeholds and from having sexual relations with someone who is being held in jail.
  • It also relaxed residency requirements for Kansas City police officers, allowing them to live within 30 miles of response time but still on the Missouri side.
  • Plus, the bill creates a penalty for those who use the internet to threaten or harass a police officer or their family will be charged.

House Bill 69:

  • This changes record-keeping requirements for those who buy gold, silver, or platinum.
  • It was made to help prevent thefts.

House Bill 72:

  • The bill establishes several days and a state monument. The days are Law Enforcement Appreciation Day as the first Friday in May, creates Pioneering Black Women’s Day on March 26th and establishes The Gateway Arch as the state monument.

Senate Bill 120:

  • It makes sure National Guard service members are given interviews for state government positions.
  • The bill also promotes the state’s resources available for veterans and creates the Purple Star Campus for K-12 schools.
  • The Purple Star Campus supports military-connected children as they relocate to new schools because a parent’s change in duty station, according to the Military Child Education Coalition.

House Bill 297:

  • It allowed college student-athletes to earn compensation for their name, image or likeness.
  • The bill also expanded the use of 529 education saving plans.
  • It also requires the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to create a state plan for Career and Technical Education.

House Bill 349:

  • This bill creates a Missouri Employment Scholarship Accounts Program.
  • The program allows certain nonprofits to raise funds and in exchange for the donations, give tax credits up to 100% of their donation amount.
  • The scholarship can be used for other things than tuition, like transportation, tutors and school supplies.

Senate Bill 86:

  • This prohibits the contribution or expenditure of public funds for a variety of political causes and changes provisions related to Missouri Employment Scholarship Accounts.

House Bill 369:

  • The legislation makes the penalties for releasing feral hogs tougher and any landowner will not be responsible for damage, injury or loss caused by a prescribed burn unless proven negligent.

House Bill 432:

  • This bill makes changes to the Office of Childhood.
  • It clarifies wage requirements for sheltered workshops and establishes a right to unpaid leave for victims of domestic or sexual violence and their caregivers.

Senate Bill 520:

  • This established memorial highways throughout Missouri.

House Bill 557:

  • It requires background checks for employees at boarding schools.