SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Missouri was one of the early adopters of the internet, a.k.a. the World Wide Web, as it was more commonly referred to in the ’90s.

With the creation of the first web browser in 1990, home use of the internet exploded, and companies and governments took the opportunity to create their first web pages.

Below are some examples of what various Missouri official websites looked like in the mid-1990s as taken from Archive.org.

St. Louis Missouri Botanical Garden

This 1997 St. Louis Missouri Botanical Garden homepage offered information on garden care, various discoveries, images and a listing of events and lectures. A look at their virtual tour consisted of one or two images of the park!


This official “On-Line” guide to Missouri’s third-largest city made in 1999 provided everything you needed to know about what to do and what to see in Springfield. It provided information for those living there and for tourists, all summed up in four picture links.

The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod

In early 1998, the Lutheran Church on Kirkwood Road in St. Louis had a very detailed website to inform the public of the church’s activities and hours. Though most of the pages were clean and easy to read, the above picture made us chuckle with the background picture. So ’90s!

The Missouri Valley Conference

This is a screenshot of the homepage of The Valley on November 28, 1999. Several schools have changed conferences and even changed names since the ’90s such as Missouri State University.

Missouri Tigers

In 1998, the University of Missouri-Columbia Basketball page offered tickets, schedules and stories about Mizzou games. The Tigers finished 6th in the Big 12 that year.