KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Jackson County Legislator Manny Abarca has been critical of Executive Frank White after property assessments have jumped dramatically.

“I mean, I think it’s bad enough that people are considering a full out recall for him specifically,” Abarca told FOX4 Thursday.

Abarca said that effort would need support from 5% of the voter base from the previous November election. Article 14, Section 7 of the county charter says that number is actually 20% though. 

A spokesman for White’s office wouldn’t comment any further on the recall, only to clarify the percentage of the voter base.

White, the Democratic incumbent, beat Republican challenger and former legislator Teresa Cass Galvin by over 23,000 votes, in November 2022. In that race alone, 213,891 votes were cast. Twenty percent of those votes cast would be 42,779.

Meanwhile, Jackson County legislators are considering taking action on property assessments.

On Monday, county leaders will discuss an item that would cap a person’s property tax assessment at 15% of the 2019 tax valuation. County resident Delores Calhoon supports the idea after getting her 2023 assessment. 

“If this goes through, I would have to sell my house,” Calhoon said in an interview with FOX4 Thursday.

Calhoon’s property value went from $194,611 in 2019 to $420,440 in 2023. In 2021 and 2022, her assessment was $214,000.

“I’m 73, retired widow, limited income,” Calhoon said, regarding her 2023 assessment. “I can’t afford that.”

Calhoon also received an assessment this year on a property she no longer owns. She’s filed an appeal already with the county. Her appointment’s scheduled for later this month.

White hasn’t said anything to FOX4 on the high property assessments that owners have seen this year. Calhoon was critical of county leadership Thursday.

“I think if we got the proper people in that really care, it would help,” Calhoon said.

Monday’s legislative meeting starts at 3 p.m.