JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey announced the top 10 consumer complaints received in 2022 on Monday, revealing illegal telemarketing calls as the top consumer complaint among Missourians.

“As Attorney General, I want to enforce the laws as written, which includes being a voice for Missouri consumers by holding scammers accountable,” Bailey said in the press release. 

Last year, Bailey’s office received over 39,000 complaints related to illegal telemarketing calls and no-call violations, dramatically surpassing any other complaint received by the attorney general in 2022, according to a press release.

Second to no-call violations, Bailey’s office received almost 2,000 complaints from consumers regarding home repair, construction and real estate. This is about 95% fewer complaints than the office received on no-call violations.

“Our Consumer Protection unit works tirelessly to mediate complaints and go after fraudulent businesses or individuals who take advantage of Missouri citizens,” Bailey said in the press release.

Other common complaints received by Bailey’s office last year included complaints related to automobiles and automotive repair shops, retail and wholesale companies, as well as debt collection companies, credit repair and disputes with financial institutions, among others.

Missourians who believe they have experienced consumer fraud are encouraged to submit a complaint to Bailey’s office.

Residents can submit the complaint on the Missouri attorney general’s website, file it by mail, or report a fraudulent business by calling 1-800-392-8222.

“Fighting scammers will continue to be a top priority of my office, as we seek to safeguard Missourians against fraud,” Bailey said in the press release.