KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration points to a lack of safety gear after an 18-year-old Missouri worker died.

OSHA investigators said the 18-year-old was working for Troyer Roofing & Coatings on March 27. He was applying sealant at a commercial building when he fell over 22 feet.

The teen went into a coma for five days before he died.

The agency said after the teen’s fall, Troyer allowed a foreman and another worker to keep working without fall protection.

OSHA said the Daviess County-based company had the safety equipment available, but let workers decide if they wanted to use it. OSHA investigators said the contractor also didn’t train employees on how to use it.

“Troyer Roofing & Coatings could have prevented this young worker’s death by requiring their employees to use fall protection equipment,” OSHA Area Director Karena Lorek said in a statement.

“Disturbingly, the employer allowed other workers to go back to work on the same roof without fall protection.”

The agency cited Troyer for five violations and proposed over $200,000 in penalties. OSHA said Troyer was also cited for similar violations in 2015.