KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The new terminal at KCI Airport opens on Feb. 28 and Saturday, thousands of people got to experience the new space for the first time.

Justin Meyer with the KC Aviation Department said 10,000 people registered for the open house to become acquainted with the highly anticipated 1.1 million square foot facility.

“First a Chiefs parade, Super Bowl, and now a new terminal,” Connie Dodson said while touring the new space.

“I think it’s amazing, I like it, the new design, really well,” Junior Lindsay said.

Meyer says officials on the project built the new terminal to make travel more convenient, enjoyable, and accessible for all flyers.

“We wanted to build a facility where every single person felt thought of and cared for intentionally by the project and this wasn’t just a facility built for the 50 times a year jetsetter but somebody that doesn’t travel very frequently,” Meyer said.

The terminal’s new amenities were already making a good impression on future travelers.

“We just moved here too so it’s like a great opportunity as well for just like people who have like connecting flights here and get like a taste of Kansas City like the barbeque, the fountain, and the jazz music, it’s amazing,” Joy Lindsay said.

“And we travel a lot, we go to a lot of different airports, and this is by far the most impressive,” Rob Dodson said.

Planes officially take off from the new terminal on Feb. 28.