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DALLAS COUNTY, Mo. (KOLR) — KOLR returned to a property in Dallas County, Missouri, to find any updates on the Cassidy Rainwater investigation.

Authorities said the 33-year-old woman was last seen in late July. Family reported her missing on Aug. 25.

Since then, two men, James Phelps and Timothy Norton, have been charged in her kidnapping after investigators learned of a photo of Rainwater trapped in a cage.

The Dallas County Sheriff’s Office has released very few details on this case, including whether they’ve located Cassidy Rainwater.

Then the cabin and other items on the property were destroyed during a late-night fire on Oct. 4. An incident report from the Springfield Fire Department says two incendiary devices were found at the scene.

On Wednesday, KOLR crews got drone footage of the area.

The case has been charged with bizarre rumors, and last week, the sheriff spoke up, voicing frustration with social media gossip.

“This isn’t a TV series or movie where we go to commercial break and have lab results in 15 minutes. Searching a crime scene for 7 days 24 hours a day takes that long, 168 hours,” Sheriff Scott Rice said.

The sheriff did indicate that more information may be released soon; however, almost one week later, the agency has not released any updates.

KOLR also learned Wednesday various court documents provide more details about the history of the property. Court documents say Phelps listed the property as his home address as early as 2011. Timothy Norton listed the property as his address in 1992 and 1993. However, court documents say Norton lived in Wright City in 2020.

A man claiming he owns the property where the cabin sits also listed his mailing address as being on Moon Valley Road in 1997. KOLR spoke with the property owner, who said he built the cabin. However, records from the Dallas County Assessor’s Office show the property the cabin sits on is currently owned by someone else.