KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A woman is in custody and accused of injuring a pedestrian and causing two other hit-and-run crashes in three cities Monday.

According to Kansas City police, a woman driving a black Chrysler 200 was speeding on U.S. 71 Highway. The driver allegedly hit a pedestrian walking on the highway ramp.

Police said the impact threw the pedestrian into the Chrysler’s windshield before tossing the victim to the pavement.

The pedestrian is hospitalized with life-threatening injuries.

Investigators said the driver took off from the crash and ended up in Grandview. According to Grandview police, the driver hit a car on Interstate 49 before speeding away from the second crash scene.

Belton police arrested the accused driver, but not before she allegedly hit a second car on U.S. 71 Highway near East 155th Street.

Officers said the woman tried to speed around another car on the left shoulder. The suspect lost control and hit the concrete median. The Chrysler eventually flipped on its side.

Belton police said the driver got out of the car and tried to run from officers. Police caught up with her and made the arrest.

The driver was not injured in any of the three crashes, according to police.

Lori Neilson, who was out walking her dog Mizzou, lives near the final crash site. She said the situation reminds her of other recent high-speed crashes.

“A car can be a weapon, unfortunately, and I don’t think that’s stressed enough, I don’t know, maybe to young people who are getting a license for the first time,” she said.

It hits close to home for Neilson.

“My first husband was a police officer in Kansas City, Kansas, and was run down by a guy who said, ‘Oh I was so high on drugs I didn’t know what I was doing.’ He was killed putting out stop-sticks,” she said.