Missouri politicians advance ‘no faith’ resolution on swing state election results


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Nearly half-a-dozen Missouri Representatives voted in favor of a resolution Monday night that declared House members have “no faith” in presidential election results from six states.

Some lawmakers heard testimony on the resolution, which asks six swing states to investigate their election results. If they don’t, the resolution states Congress should not accept those states’ votes. After a nearly three-hour meeting, the House Special Committee on Government Oversight passed House Resolution 2, but the resolution won’t be going much farther.

The hearing came just hours after Missouri’s electors met at the capitol to cast their votes for President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

Rep. Justin Hill (R-St. Charles) filed the resolution last week after asking the Speaker of the House Elijah Haahr (R-Springfield) to move the resolution forward. More than 60 of Hill’s colleagues signed the letter to Haahr.

“It’s not about one candidate or another,” said Hill during Monday night’s hearing. “This is about being able to look at people and say, these elections are trustworthy.”

The resolution asks Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizonia and Nevada to investigate their election results and if they don’t, Congress should refuse to accept the votes from those states.

“I expect honest elections and I expect the integrity of other states with those taxor thin margins for the people of Missouri,” Hill said.

While some states, like Georgia, Arizona and Wisconsin, came down to just 10,000-20,000 votes, other states in question weren’t so close. Biden won Michigan by about 145,000 votes, or nearly 3% of the state’s voting population. Nevada was also a nearly 3% difference, and Biden won Pennsylvania by about 90,000.

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House Minority Leader Crystal Quade said this resolution was a waste of time and money.

“You’re also aware that while each of us are sitting here, we are getting per diem for being here,” Quade asked Hill.

Hill responded by saying, “I think every Missourians that questions the validity of these results in other states feels like this is the best money Missouri can spend to save future elections.”

During the hearing, President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani testified in favor of the resolution.

“In the court cases that we presented, we submitted over 2,000 affidavits under oath of witnesses who have firsthand knowledge of fraud,” Giuliani said.

Giuliani’s testimony caused a fiery response from Democrats.

“I’m tired of your lies,” Rep. Peter Merideth (D-St. Louis) said to Giuliani. “America is tired of your lies and they are dangerous. They are dangerous, sir.”

Giuliani said he had been asked by the committee’s chairman, Rep. Robert Ross to testify in the hearing.

Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft also testified Monday night after he said he was asked by both sides of the aisle to be in attendance. He compared investigating election results to a play in football being reviewed.

“I was watching pro and college football this past weekend and every time there’s a touch down score, they do a review of exactly what happened,” Ashcroft said. “I don’t see what the problem is with making sure everything went well and the election was done fairly.”

Not all Republicans on the committee agree with the measure.

“I will tell you I disagree with the resolution because I believe there are some procedural flaws in it and this is not the method to get the job done,” Rep. Rudy Veit, R – Cole County said.

The resolution passed out of the committee with a 6-3 vote but chairman of the Rules Committee Rocky Miller (R-Lake Ozark) said Monday night he will not convene the hearing, which would have been the second hurdle needed for the resolution to get to the House floor, which means the resolution appears to be dead.




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