PERRY COUNTY, Mo. – A spelunking group in Perry County, Missouri, found and rescued a senior dog this weekend that had been missing for nearly two months.

The group was deep inside the Tom Moore Cave system between Brewer and Perryville when they discovered Abby on Saturday.

The cave itself is approximately 22 miles long and estimated to be the 23rd-longest cave in the nation. It’s unclear how long Abby had been in the cave or how she managed to survive. There is some running water in the cave, as well as the presence of fish and crustaceans, but rescuers said it was total darkness in the part of the cave where they located Abby.

Rick Haley, a trained cave rescuer, was on hand to oversee a sump dive and there was an issue with a diver’s equipment when he was notified of the dog. 

Haley and Gerry Keene successfully maneuvered Abby through a two-foot opening in the cave and then some 500 feet over a long vertical climb to safely get her out of the cave.

Once outside the cave, Biehle Assistant Fire Chief Robert Cahoon helped the rescuers go door-to-door in the area to find Abby’s owner. After a surprising reunion, the owner told rescuers she hadn’t seen Abby since June 9 and thought the dog was gone.