Missouri woman charged after authorities find animals in ‘unimaginable condition’

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BENTON COUNTY, Mo. — A Benton County woman is facing charges in after authorities discovered several animals in “unimaginable condition” on her property.

Tiffany Woodington faces 12 separate charges of animal abuse, including 10 felonies after investigators discovered several sick and dead dogs on her property.

Note: Some readers may find the graphic images below disturbing. 

On Sept. 12, the Benton County Sheriff’s Office was contacted by the Missouri Humane Society about a possible case of animal cruelty involving Tiffany Woodington after her husband, Steven Woodington, and another man were arrested in Texas for animal cruelty.

Tiffany Woodington

According to court documents, the Woodington’s have been operating an animal rescue group called “All Accounted For” in Benton County.

Steven was allegedly housing 278 dogs in inhumane conditions in Texas and transporting them to a Benton County property near Cole Camp. Authorities said over half the animals would have to be euthanized.

The surviving animals were rescued and are being treated by a veterinarian, who is making sure that they are healthy enough to be adopted.

Investigators then searched the Benton County property of Tiffany Woodington, where animals were housed in an old school bus, a barn and a house.

The Sheriff’s Office said that 38 dogs and one cat were found alive but in “unimaginable condition.”

Investigators also allegedly found 120 dogs and one cat dead and in various stages of decomposition, including some remains that were just bones.

The Missouri Humane Society removed the living animals and collected the remains of the dead animals for testing.

Tiffany Woodington has since bonded out of the Benton County jail.

“It saddens me that law enforcement is limited with charging offenders because of a lack of good statute,” Benton County Sheriff Eric Knox said in a statement posted on facebook.

He said that he intends to reach out to lawmakers to try and change Missouri laws in regard to animal abuse cases.

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