Missouri woman dozes, accidentally spends the night after testing store mattress


exhibit the pattern of the mattress to the bed, note shallow depth of field

RICHMOND HEIGHTS, Mo. — A woman is a little embarrassed, but well rested, after falling asleep testing a mattress at a Missouri store and spending the night there.

Richmond Heights Police Officer Allison Brown told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that officers were called to the undisclosed store shortly before 8 a.m. Tuesday. The call came from an employee who found the woman wandering inside the business prior to its opening.

The woman told police she had been trying out a display mattress the evening before and must have fallen asleep.

Police posted on social media that it was “the best mattress endorsement we’ve ever heard.” However, they could not confirm what type of mattress it was.

Store operators declined to press charges.



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