Missouri Woman Lucky to Survive Brutal Dog Attack

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BRAYMER, Mo. -- A central Missouri woman says that she is lucky to be alive after a what was supposed to be a short walk turned into an encounter with a very large, and very dangerous, dog.

Angie Ewing, 36, says that she was simply walking down an alley way in Braymer, Missouri, when a neighbor's American Bulldog got loose from it's backyard and attacked her.

"This big old dog just came after me out of nowhere," said Ewing. "He grabbed my shoulder and would not let go. I mean, he had a dead lock and took me to the ground, and I'm just swinging around like a rag doll."

Ewing says that the dog first bit her leg, then nearly ripped her right arm off at the shoulder.

"I got tangled up in his chain," said Ewing. "I was trying to free myself."

Ewing, a 5'4", 138-pound mother of two, was no match for the dog. The attack on her shoulder was so severe that she didn't even notice that the dog had bit off the tip of her left ear.

"I just thought I was going to die," said Ewing.

Ewing's neighbor, Jimmy Butler, heard Ewing's cries for help and raced outside, pulling the dog off of her.

"When I finally got a hold of the dog, I grabbed it by its collar, slammed it to the ground and basically got it away from her," said Butler, who was also bitten on the arm.

Police cited the dog's owner after the attack, and two days later the dog was put down.

Donnie Ewing, Angie's husband, says that he's thankful that his wife survived the brutal attack.

"She's my angel," he said. "I love her."

Angie Ewing says that she thanks Jimmy Butler for saving her life.

"I mean, he's my hero," she says.



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