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LAKE SAINT LOUIS, Mo. — Just six days after getting her dog from a local pet store, a woman says the pet she purchased died.

She contacted News 4 after we aired a similar story earlier this month.

In November, Hunter Cason said it was love at first sight with a baby French Bulldog.

“She was licking me in my face. She just felt like she was mine and I had to get her,” Cason said.

Aptly named Fendi, like the designer handbags, the little one got carried around in a bag, becoming instant best friends with Hunter’s children.

“She was another baby to me,” Hunter said.

Hunter got Fendi from Petland in Lake St. Louis and felt assured Fendi was in good health.

But after only six days, Fendi suddenly stopped breathing and died on their floor.

“It took me forever to put her in a box. I didn’t want to,” said Hunter, breaking down into tears.

Earlier this month, News 4 told you about Myrna Evert and her Maltese puppy, she bought from Petland. The dog didn’t survive more than two weeks.

Just like Myrna, Hunter said she cannot get a refund for the astonishing $8,000 she financed to pay for Fendi.

“I loved her so much, something about her I had to get her, I didn’t really care about the money,” said Hunter.

Petland eventually took Fendi’s remains and told her the puppy had a heart defect.

“I feel like the whole thing was a scam that they sold me a sick puppy,” Hunter said.

Their offer of a new puppy was something she just couldn’t stomach.

Now, she, like Myrna, wants to warn others.

“If they really did care they would have handled this for me, I’m still being haunted,” Hunter said.

News 4 has also heard from another person who said they got a sick puppy from Petland.

The Missouri Attorney General’s office said they only have two complaints about the store and both were resolved.

Petland has previously told News 4 all pets are examined by three vets before they are sold.