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LAWRENCE, Kan. — A mistake forced Lawrence Memorial Hospital to throw away nearly 600 doses of COVID-19 vaccine.

The hospital said it received 570 doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine from Lawrence-Douglas County Public Health on Wednesday afternoon.

According to the hospital, the vaccine is normally delivered while still frozen. It’s then stored in a freezer until it’s thawed for vaccinations. That’s what happened Wednesday too, except the hospital later discovered the vaccine doses were already thawed.

“When we discovered the vaccines had been delivered to the hospital in a refrigerated state, LMH Health immediately reached out to Johnson & Johnson for guidance,” said Brian Bradfield, LMH Health associate vice president of ancillary services. “The company advised these doses will have to be discarded.”

Lawrence Memorial President and CEO Russ Johnson said the hospital is reviewing its processes to prevent mistakes like this in the future.

“Although this is a small percentage of the overall vaccines that the county has received, we know it is not insignificant — this is a heart wrenching situation for our hospital, our Phase 2 community members and our Unified Command partners,” Johnson said.

“We owe it to our community and to the many volunteers and staff who pour their hearts into the vaccination effort to see this through in a manner that is both efficient and effective. We have had a nearly flawless process to date and we will determine where our processes failed and fix them.”

LMH Health and LDCPH are working to reschedule vaccine appointments of those impacted by the mistake. The clinic will likely happen at the fairgrounds on Wednesday.