Mite infestation leaving some Kansans bitten and annoyed

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LAWRENCE, Kan. – Pesky bites from tiny mites have people feeling itchy right now. There’s an infestation of mites in Kansas right now, and local doctors say they’ve seen the proof.

“When you come in change your clothes, wash the clothing, take a shower and wash yourself,” said Doctor Darin Elo, with Prompt Care of Lawrence.

Dr. Elo said over the past two weeks he has seen 15 to 20 patients a day who come into his office with bites. He said there’s a mite infestation right now in Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma.

“They are speculating it’s because we had such a damp, mild summer,” he said. “They can be itchy for several days to even a couple weeks before they will heal up and go away.”

Dr. Elo said the best thing you can do for the bites is to not scratch them and to apply some hydrocortisone. If you break the bite open he said it can cause infection. Dr. Elo said the mites will go away when leaves start to fall from the trees.

“The main thing is to avoid spending a lot of time outside particularly under a canopy of trees or sitting in grass that’s under trees,” he said.



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