Mixed reaction across the metro as House Democrats move to impeach President Trump


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — With about nine days to go until the end of President Trump’s term in office, U.S. House Democrats made another effort to remove him from office.

Monday morning they filed an Impeachment Resolution and have asked Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment.

FOX4 spoke to people on both sides of this issue and while not everyone saw eye-to-eye on the impeachment issue, everyone agreed that the violence at the Capitol building should not have happened.

Wednesday’s peaceful protest that brought supporters of President Trump to Washington, D.C. bloomed into violence, as people entered the Capitol building, invaded offices and did damage to the U.S. Capitol. Five people died.

Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives filed an Impeachment Resolution that said it was President Trump who incited his supporters and threatened the integrity of the Democratic system by trying to overturn the election.

“I do think he should be removed from office but at the same time, with the amount of time, how little time he has left, Constitutionally, I don’t think they could do that necessarily as fast as they want to,” said Mitchell Playter. “So, I think that that might end up damaging the country more than it would do healing.”

In what would usually take months to pass to the Senate, House Democrats say they will try and push through Impeachment as soon as possible. As early as Tuesday.

“I don’t think anything that the President has done in recent months or last week was was Democratic so I think it is appropriate,” said Grant Bradshaw.

Others in the metro, rejected the move.

“I don’t think he should be impeached,” said Bernie Zaleski. “I listened to his speech before the occasion. I don’t think he said anything to incite violence.”

Trump supporters in the Metro say impeaching the President goes against the will of more than 70 million people who voted for President Trump and believe this effort  s more of the same from the Democrats who they believe have been after the President since day one.

“I think it is to stop true from ever being able to run again. I think that is their main objective,” said Zelma Cleveland.

If the Impeachment was to move through the House to the Senate and it voted to convict President Trump, he would be barred from holding office again. But it is unlikely the Democrats have enough time to move forward.



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