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COLUMBIA, Mo. — The University of Missouri announced that two residence halls will be closed for the fall 2016 semester due to a lack of students applying for housing.

The school has said they are currently not offering space at Respect or Excellence halls, which offer space for approximately 145 and 170 students respectively.

A statement on the university’s ROAR site (Residents’ Online Access to Rooms) states:

“Due to an expected decrease in the number of students needing housing at Mizzou this year, Residential Life will not be offering space in Respect or Excellence Halls at this time. This is an effort to ensure we are using our halls in the most efficient manner, keeping our costs as low as possible so we can provide our students with the best possible living environments at an affordable cost. If you were interested in a FIG or Learning Community in Respect or Excellence halls, please note that similar communities are available in the other halls.”

The school did not state what is causing the lack of demand for living space, but did say the halls would reopen if demand increases.

The university website says the halls opened in 2004, together in a massive dorm complex with Discovery and Responsibility, as part of the Residential Life Master Plan.