Mizzou grad fed up with trash journalism quits job via video

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Don’t stifle the creativity of a soul born to create. If you do, you just might end up with someone like Marina Shifrin, a University of Missouri-Columbia grad who won the Internet with a video in which she informed her boss she was quitting.

In a blog post, Shifrin explains her weariness over the fact that journalism has morphed into something that is more about quantity than quality. Shifrin says journalists are encouraged to write stories that get clicks — stories like Miley’s twerking, Jennifer Aniston’s weight gain or Justin Bieber’s mustache. And it’s heart-wrenching for her.

“…There are plenty of intelligent reporters who are not doing intelligent reporting,” Shifrin writes. “Be honest, how many of you have lost a little piece of your soul when hitting the “publish” button?”

In the video, Shifrin said she was fed up with her position at a Taiwanese company that produces news videos — and tired of working for a boss, she says, cared more about “quantity and how many views each video gets.”

So she quit and rendered her resignation via video. See it below.



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