Mizzou sees huge drop in COVID-19 cases since beginning of month


COLUMBIA, Mo.- University of Missouri-Columbia officials say the number of active cases on campus has dropped nearly 82% since September 5.

Christian Basi, the media relations director for Mizzou also says the campus is not seeing any evidence that the virus is spreading in classrooms or other day-to-day operations. Basi says cases among faculty and staff remain low.

Mizzou’s website says there are 124 active cases which represents 0.5% of the campus population. The school says 1370 students have recovered.

Here is some other information about COVID cases at Mizzou:

  • Only 24 students are currently isolating (meaning they have tested positive) in university-supported facilities (either campus-owned facilities or those leased by us).
  • Only 46 students are quarantining (total, not just in university-supported facilities). Students quarantining are those considered to be close-contacts but have not tested positive for the virus.
  • Contact tracing and case investigations are caught up at this time.
  • Currently, no students are hospitalized.



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