Mo. Dept. of Conservation Features Baby Falcons on Live Cam

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ST. LOUIS — The Missouri Department of Conservation and the World Bird Sanctuary have partnered to provide a bird’s-eye view of peregrine falcons raising chicks in a nest box at Ameren’s Sioux Energy Center in St. Louis, Mo. The chicks were banded on May 14, 2012.

“Banding these peregrine babies is the best thing that I do,” said Jeff Meshach with World Bird Sanctuary. “It’s one of the greatest joys for me to have these babies in hand and put the necessary equipment on them so that we can monitor their populations and make sure they stay healthy.”

Meshach says this is the second year in a row the parent falcons have raised five eyasses, or baby falcons.

Watch their live cam here, provided by the Missouri Department of Conservation.



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